FIFA World Cup 2022: Guide For Fans Visiting Qatar

For those willing to buy tickets to FIFA World Cup 2022, the online last-minute sales phase is currently open and will run until the end of the tournament on December 18th, 2022.

Entering Qatar during the World Cup

You must have an approved Hayya Card to enter Qatar between November 1st, 2022 and December 22nd, 2022. Up until December 2nd to get a Hayya Card, you’ll need a ticket to a World Cup match. Tickets are not required for Hayya Cards from December 2nd onwards. This is because no standard visas will be issued for Qatar during this time. For a fee, ticket holders can use their Hayya Card to bring in three friends or relatives who don’t hold tickets. Hayya Cards can be used to enter Qatar until January 23rd, 2023.

A Hayya Card is a form of Fan ID required to enter Qatar and attend matches during the World Cup tournament. The card will also provide access to free public transport on match days.

Apply early to avoid delays. See the Hayya portal website for the latest information.

From November 1st, 2022, you’re no longer required to present a negative COVID-19 (PCR or RAT) test to enter Qatar. You’re also no longer required to pre-register on the Ehteraz health application prior to arrival. However, you’ll still need to present evidence of your health status via the Ehteraz app to enter healthcare facilities.

Entry and exit conditions can change at short notice. Therefore, you should contact the nearest embassy or consulate of Qatar for the latest details.

Purchasing tickets

Check the FIFA website for ticket information and only purchase match tickets from official providers. Match tickets bought through unofficial means may not be valid.

Visa requirements

Citizens of over 95 countries are eligible for visa-free entry into the State of Qatar, as per Qatar Tourism. It added that nationals of India could enter Qatar visa-free and spend up to 30 days in Qatar, during single or multiple trips, with an option to extend for another 30 days, subject to certain terms and conditions.


Qatari Riyal is the only currency accepted in Qatar.

Local guide and stays

A number of deals have been listed on the Qatar Tourism website for travelers planning a visit to the host country of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Visitors can plan their stay with the flexibility to choose the price range. Moreover, some attractions in Qatar, such as adventure, stays, and getaways, have also been listed for visitors’ reference.

Can you buy alcohol in Qatar?

Laws in Qatar might be very different from your home country – particularly regarding alcohol and e-cigarettes or vapes.

Alcohol cannot be purchased from shops in Qatar and bringing alcohol into the country is illegal. The legal drinking age is 21 years old.

In a last-minute u-turn, FIFA announced just before the tournament started that alcohol would not be sold inside the World Cup stadiums. Instead, the non-alcoholic beer Bud Zero will be available inside the arenas.

Alcohol will only be available inside the fan zone, FIFA Fan Festival, other fan destinations and at licensed hotels, restaurants and bars.

Where to get help in the case of a Lost or Stolen Passport?

Ensure you keep your passport safe and in a secure place. To replace a lost or stolen passport, you’ll need to complete a full application form and provide original photographs to Australian Embassy in Doha.

Most countries in the region do not allow entry for Australian emergency passport holders. If you lose your passport in Qatar, you may not be able to travel in the region and will have to return to Australia and apply for a replacement full-validity document.

If your passport is lost or stolen:

Report it immediately to local authorities or notify your respective Embassy in Doha or the Consular Emergency Centre.

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