Camping Adventures Near Mumbai : Where to Pitch Your Tent

Camping adventures near Mumbai: Enjoying nature's beauty and outdoor activities in scenic locations.


Mumbai, the city of dreams also known for its fast-paced lifestyle full of vibrant cityscapes, might not be your first choice when it comes to camping adventures but hold your horses. This city never lacks or disappoints its visitors in any aspect, nor does camping

Just a few miles away from Mumbai you will be showered with picturesque and adventurous camping spots that will let your mind find solace and take you away, escaping far from the urban chaos. 

In this article, we will have a virtual tour of the camping adventures and spots where you can set up your tent, which resides in the shadows of Mumbai, a few hours away from this city where you can rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul in the lap of “Mother Nature”.  

Popular Adventure Camping places near Mumbai-

Pawna Lake Camping 

Pawna Lake is a famous camping destination amidst lush green hills which also sustains a mesmerizing lake view for nature lovers. You can indulge yourself in activities like stargazing, bonfire, and barbeque in the tranquil environment.  

It is approximately 110 km (about 68.35 miles) from Mumbai | Best time to visit- Nov to Mar. 

Adventurous activities this camp offers

  • Kayaking 
  • Fishing 
  • Archery 
  • Cycling 

    Bhandardara Camping

    Nestled amidst the Sahyadri mountain ranges, Bhandardara is a picturesque village where you can set up your camp and experience the stunning beauty of the nature that surrounds this village. The campsite will leave you with breathtaking views of the Bhandardara Lake as well as the mountains which reside near the lake.  

    It is approximately 165 km (about 102.53 miles) from Mumbai| Best time to visit- Oct to Feb. 

    Adventurous activities this camp offers

    • Trekking 
    • Boating 
    • Fishing 
    • Burma Bridge 
    • Slackline 
    • Flying Fox  
    • Valley Crossing 

      Kolad Camping

      Kolad becomes the perfect destination to camp for adventure enthusiasts. This campsite is known for its thrilling water sports activities such as river rafting in the soothing river of Kundalika. This camp offers you an ideal blend of the adventurous thrill and serenity of nature. 

      It is approximately 120 km (about 74.56 miles) from Mumbai| Best time to visit- June to Sep. 

      Adventurous activities this camp offers 

      • River Rafting 
      • Kayaking 
      • Zip-line 
      • Boat Ride 
      • Lake tubing 

        Karnala Camping

        The Karnala camp offers a refreshing break from city life without the need for you to travel long distances. Nestled at the foothills of the Karnala fort amidst the dense forests and lush greenery. You can also indulge in relaxing activities like bird watching, nature walks, and visit the Karnala Bird Sanctuary during your camping stay. 

        It is approximately 60 km (about 37.28 mi) from Mumbai | Best time to visit- June to Sep. 

        Adventurous activities this camp offers 

        • Night Trek 
        • Kayaking 
        • Bonfire 
        • Snorkeling 

          Durshet Camping

          Nestled amidst the Sahyadri mountain range, Durshet is a hidden gem for camping lovers. In its tranquil ambiance, you can seek activities like river crossing, zip lining, and trekking in the surrounding hills. The Durshet Forest Lodge and the Uddhar hot springs are some popular nearby attractions. 

          It is approximately 80 km (about 49.71 mi) from Mumbai| Best time to visit- Sep to Feb. 

          Adventurous activities this camp offers

          • Zip-lining 
          • Ladder Climbing 
          • Archery 
          • Net Climbing 
          • Tyres Bridge 
          • Vertical Log 

            Malshej Ghat Camping

            Popular for its mountains hidden in mists, lush green valleys, and soothing waterfalls, Malshej Ghat has become a scenic hill station that offers a picturesque experience for campers amidst its nature’s treasure. You can indulge in relaxing activities such as bird watching, trekking, and exploring the nearby Harishchandragad Fort. 

            It is approximately 130 km (about 80.78 mi) from Mumbai| Best Time to visit- Oct to March. 

            Adventurous activities this camp offers 

            • Trekking 
            • Rock Climbing 
            • Boating 
            • Bird Watching 
            • Speed Boat 

              Alibaug Camping

              Alibaug is an infamous coastal town, also known for its pristine beaches and historic forts. This camping destination offers you the chance to enjoy the melodic sounds of the waves while resting in nature’s lap. You can indulge in beach activities and visit the historic Kolaba Fort. 

              It is approximately 95 km (about 59.03 mi) from Mumbai| Best Time to visit- Nov to Feb 

              Adventurous activities this camp offers 

              • Cycling 
              • Paramotoring 
              • Paragliding 
              • Speed boat 
              • Beach Volleyball 
              • Water Sports 


              These adventurous camping places near Mumbai will open a gateway for you to engage yourself in thrilling adventures while seeking nature’s glory.  These camping places will fulfill all your adrenaline-pumping wishes embracing beauty, pitching your tents, and creating memories that will live long with you till the end. 

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