Complete Guide for Camping near Pune

Outdoor enthusiasts camping near Pune, enjoying nature and adventure.


With the many camping options, Pune, called the cultural capital of Maharashtra, situated among the dense Sahyadri hill range, is the gateway to both for an individual in search of adventure and peace. If you are living in the city and looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle but to dive into the fresh air, stunning landscapes, and the time that seems to just stand still, then camping close to Pune is the right option for you. Every camping site close to Pune, from Pawna Lake’s serenity to the uncultivated landscape of Torna Fort, has a different outdoor experience to offer whether it is the adventure, the natural beauty, or the cultural interaction. These camping trails near Pune attract all kinds of people and their interests, be they trekkers, nature admirers, or those searching for a quiet retreat.

Camping at Pawna Lake

About 60 kilometers to the west of Pune, Pawna Lake is a most adored campsite where pristine water and sunset views are all you and your heart need. The tents, bungalows, and waterfront tents are some of the lodging facilities known at Pawna Lake campsites. Taste outdoor activities such as grilling, star-gazing, and fire-making while being captivated by the peacefulness of nature. Be still!

Camping at Bhandardara

Approximate 160 kilometers from Pune away, Bhandardhara is a beautiful hill station famous for verdurous surroundings, thunderous cascades, and idyllic lakes. Campsites by Wilson Dam and Arthur Lake bring a calmness that is an antidote for city residents. The outdoor activities involvement can include hikes to neighboring peaks, Umbrella Falls visits, and sitting around the campfire with the stars in the sky.

Mulshi Lake Camping

At approximately a distance of 50 km from the city of Pune, the Sahyadri highlands are sacrosanct of a serene place called Mulshi Lake. The way of life at Mulshi Lake is a perfect balance of peace and adventure when camping near Mulshi Lake. Walking at the lakeside early in the morning, and hiking to the adjacent forts such as Koraigad and Sudhagad bring excitement to the morning, and observing different types of birds is also great to do early in the morning.

Camping in Tamhini Ghat

To the west of Pune about 50 kilometers away, the picturesque Tamhini Ghat promises the most beautiful views of the valley and waterfalls thus, Tamhini Ghat is the right choice for blending the beauty of nature with outdoor adventure lovers. In the morning, discover the natural wonders of the Western Ghats, and set up the tent in a peaceful location. Utilize hiking excursions and the opportunity for nature watching to the best of your ability and see sights like the Tamhini Waterfalls and the Devkund Waterfall

Camping at Rajmachi

Located amidst the Sahyadri mountain range, Rajmachi is an age-old fortification fringed with lush green vegetation and a far-stretching view. Rajmachi campgrounds offer the perfect combination of adrenaline and culture to visitors. Stroll through thick forest trails, visit historical sites and nature walk to see the stunning sunset views from the fort. The feel of sleeping under the Rajmachi sky, close to the stars is a sensation you would love to relive for all time.

Tips for Camping Near Pune

  • Plan Ahead: In case not to encounter any difficulties, spare campsite especially on weekends and holidays, book in advance.
  • Pack sensibly: Make sure to take a sufficient supply of food and water for your trip and the required camping gear example. tents, sleeping bags, and cooking utensils. Do not forget a first aid kit, insect repellant, and warm clothes among other things.
  • Respect Nature:ย  minimizing the negative impact on the environment through camping with minimum interruption and trace. Be careful of what and how to drop your waste, not to destroy nature.
  • Safety First: Before departing the camping ground. get acquainted with the camping area, the weather, and the local regulations. Share your hiking plan with someone so that they know the level of risk or emergency you may be exposed to.
  • Accept the Experience: Switch off all the electronics, choose nature above everything, and never let a moment slip away from your grasp when camping around Pune.

Camping near Torna Fort

About 60 kilometers from Pune, Torna Fort, the name of which is Prachandagad and meaning of which is “the great fort”, is the highest fort in Maharashtra. Rarely do we get a chance to learn history through adventure and also enjoy the breathtaking nature around the Torna fort. Explore the beautiful sunrise or sunset view on the Sahyadri range by placing your campsite via the gateway of the fort. Meet the historical challenges, walk the fort’s beautiful tracks, and delve into its archaeological material.


Off Pune camping awakens our souls, strengthens our bonding with nature, and contributes to our emotional stability. It’s not just a holiday trip. By taking the camping trips, you will be writing a new chapter in your voyage of exploration whenever you go out. The beautiful surroundings and different scenes that surround Pune will be part of the memory that you will carry home with you. In each camping ground, you will experience a different and beautiful side of nature, from relaxing by the Pawna Lake to hiking on Torna Fort, which is untouched by humans.

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