5 Mistakes To Avoid When Traveling With Your Pets

Traveling with your beloved pet is an increasingly popular trend, and for good reason. In the United States alone, nearly 70% of households have pets, and many pet owners consider their furry friends as integral members of the family. As a result, more people are opting to take their pets along on vacations, road trips, and even overseas adventures.

However, while the idea of embarking on a journey with your pet may sound exciting, it can also be quite challenging if not properly planned. According to a recent survey, approximately 37% of pet owners have faced difficulties when traveling with their pets, ranging from anxiety and stress to unexpected logistical hurdles.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the world of pet-friendly travel, shedding light on the common mistakes pet owners often make and how to avoid them. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time pet owner, our tips and insights will help you navigate the complexities of traveling with your beloved companion.

If you’re getting ready for a pet-friendly adventure, stay tuned. We’ll provide valuable advice for a hassle-free and enjoyable journey for you and your furry friend. Here are the five mistakes to avoid.

Forgetting to Update Pet ID (Identification) or Microchip

When traveling with your pet, there’s a possibility your pet could get lost. If your pet is not microchipped, consider getting it done before leaving on your trip. It’s an excellent way to make sure that they get found.

Attach a label to your pet’s carrier with current contact information including your destination – in case your luggage and pet get lost together; the transport company should know where to send it.

Carry a recent photo of your pet also so that you can show it to people in case he gets lost.

Not Checking Travel Policies and Procedures

Before you travel, it is essential that you consider all the policies and procedures that cover traveling with a pet. Whether it is by auto, airline, bus, train or boat, if you are using a public service, there will be strict pet regulations that you must adhere to. Read up on everything, and check if there is anything that you are unsure about. The last thing you want is to arrive at the airport, only to discover that your pet can’t travel due to an oversight in your research.

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Manners Matter

Nothing puts a damper on your day faster than knowing that your pet’s behavior is causing tension. A pet’s unruly behavior, like digging through trash or barking excessively, can disrupt family gatherings, diverting your attention from enjoyment.

Ensure your pet’s success and make a positive impression on your hosts by refreshing their basic obedience skills before your trip.

Giving Your Pet Food That They Are Not Supposed To Eat

When you’re on vacation, it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement and forget to carry enough pet food. This oversight can lead to a potentially dangerous mistake – feeding your pet something they shouldn’t eat. To avoid this scenario, make sure you purchase ample pet food to last the duration of your trip.

It’s a good idea to let your family or friends you might be traveling with, know about your pet’s food. Inform them that your pet should only be given the food you’ve brought along to maintain their health and well-being. This simple step can prevent unintended slip-ups and ensure your pet’s diet remains consistent, even while you’re away from home.

Choose The Wrong Time Of Day To Travel

Avoid the heat of the day by traveling in the cooler mornings or evenings. If your pet is nocturnal, day travel might be better. Just think about what suits best in terms of their comfort and security.


Traveling with your pet can be a joy but it can also be a nightmare. These mistakes are all easy to fix – avoid them by being prepared, and have a great vacation with your pet.

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