How To Plan A Truly Epic Road Trip

Road trips can be both enjoyable and exciting, especially if you plan one with friends who share your sense of spontaneity. The open road appears to be an invitation to limitless opportunities that can help you make a ton of lifelong memories. The best way to plan a road trip can be difficult because you have to consider many factors, including safety, location, communication, and more. Here, we’ve provided some advice for long car rides as well as some ideas to make your upcoming road trip truly epic.

Pick the appropriate destination:

You can’t just embark on a road trip with your friends while keeping an exotic location in mind; instead, you must choose a destination that is reasonable and safe enough for them to travel to. You must be even more cautious in a pandemic scenario. Several locations are secure and have practical amenities in case you run into any problems.

Making a Route Plan:

Starting to map out your route is the most important step in planning a road trip. Mark the routes on your map while keeping in mind all of your needs, and make sure to bring it with you. Additionally, people frequently choose the scenic route in order to enjoy their drive around the captivating scene more. Even though there should always be some room for spontaneity, sometimes the locals will recommend routes that are much more interesting and rewarding in terms of scenic beauty.


Booking a suitable hotel or lodging is essential when going on a road trip because you typically need to reserve more than one hotel. There should be various hotels at each location, and they should be close to the next route. You can also keep track of when it’s best to get discounts by checking the dates on which reservations must be made. The InterMiles hotels platform has detailed information about the amenities and room options available at each hotel, so you can always find convenient options that fit your budget.

Prepare your car and keep spare parts on hand:

Despite the fact that cars contain an enormous number of parts, if one of them breaks down, you might still experience problems. To avoid having to abandon your car in the middle of nowhere, it can be helpful to have a spare for certain crucial car components. Timing belt, water pump, water pump battery, spare tires, and car battery. These few necessities should be in your car at all times just in case, even if you decide to keep a few more items nearby, in case there is a breakdown while you are traveling.


There should be enough snacks for everyone in your group to munch on while traveling so that boredom and hunger don’t set in. Maintaining proper hydration is also essential. Bring enough water bottles and wholesome snacks with you at all times. It’s acceptable to gain a little weight while on vacation, but maintaining your health shouldn’t be compromised, so watch what you eat to avoid ruining the fun.

Traveling games:

Games can improve your mood, especially when stuck in traffic. Song is undoubtedly a mood-changer. To prevent boredom, consider playing entertaining games. Additionally, make sure everyone participates. If one member of your group is not having a good time like the others, it can be upsetting, so take responsibility and make sure everyone is having a good time.

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Stock up on essentials for emergencies:

Your packing list for a road trip should include emergency supplies. Always be ready in case of emergencies or accidents, especially if you have a long drive ahead of you and help is far away. A first aid kit, road safety kit, automobile tools, spare tires and other auto parts, a flashlight, blankets, and water are a few crucial items that must be packed.

Cover distances during daytime:

Your road trip should begin at 3 – 5 in the morning, right before the sun comes up. By doing this, you can avoid the morning traffic and leave the city in time to enjoy some breathtaking sunrise views. Additionally, your trip will be less stressful and more enjoyable without regular commuters on the road because there won’t be any annoying traffic jams.

You don’t want to start your road trip off in a bad mood, after all. Additionally, starting early allows you to travel the majority of the distance during the day, when it is safest to drive.

Be ready for severe weather:

Our vast nation is home to many different types of weather hazards, such as rainstorms, heavy snowfall, and hurricanes. Make sure you’re equipped to handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way if you’re planning a lengthy trip. This entails dressing appropriately, packing the appropriate clothing, and, if necessary, bringing along tools like tire chains. “ It is a completely different scenario if you are traveling during the winter. You must adjust to the conditions in the mountains and the North Country.

Along the way, distribute activities and gifts:

Don’t give out all the games and snacks at the start of the drive if you are traveling with children. Instead, Stolfa advises keeping some games, books, and snacks for later when you really need some distractions. As the journey continues, you can give the kids money to spend at the local convenience store.

Carry some money:

In small towns, it’s not always possible to swipe a card to pay for travel expenses like people in big cities can. You might need to pay with cash at independent gas stations, national parks, and other locations, so always have some on hand.

When the wheels start turning and you start moving towards the horizon, there is nothing that compares to the feeling of freedom, adventure, and endless possibilities. This straightforward manual will help you have the time of your life whether you’re traveling alone or with others.

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