My Wild Ride with Gujarat Travels: A Travel Nightmare

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Hey, fellow adventurers! I’m about to take you on a wild rollercoaster of a journey – my unforgettable experience with Gujarat Travels. Now, I don’t usually do this, but this trip was so absurd that I have to share every bizarre detail.

A Last-Minute Dash

So, here I was in Surat, having completed my trip and ready to head back to Pune. I had booked train ticket from Surat to Pune and was on a waiting list. To my surprise the tickets didn’t conform and I had to look for other options to get back to Pune. For about an hour I looked for other train options but all were completely booked. Thought to go via road! Opened up Redbus app, and scanned through few options to check which bus would be best. But it with hard luck I didn’t had many options as most of them were completely booked. More over the pickup point of the bus travel was quite far from Surat’s Railway Station.

With empty stomach, I could think much. So without any further delay I went of to the street to explore food options. On my way, I found a local travel agent. He assisted me with ease. He helped me understand the routes and helped me booked most appropriate bus with whatever option were available. Things were looking good at this point. Little did I know, the real adventure was just beginning.

The Pickup Van Plight

Fast forward to the next day of the trip. We arrived at the pickup van spot, which as at Gujarat Travel’s shop, Sardar palace, Surat. The pickup van showed up, and my excitement levels soared – until I saw the van. It looked like it had been through a few apocalypses. Filthy is an understatement. I’m no neat freak, but this van was next-level grunge. It was like they borrowed it from a junkyard. I tried not to think too much about it and hopped on, still hopeful for a smooth journey.

We (other fellow passengers) hopped onto the van, ready for the ride of our lives. Turns out, the pickup point was in a galaxy far, far away. Seriously, it took us a good 40-50 minutes to get there. The anticipation was killing me, but I had no idea what awaited us.

Gujurat Travels: Bus of Broken Dreams

Cue the drum roll – we finally reached the bus. I was thrilled, as the bus had arrived before the scheduled time which was 1:55 pm. I thought the if bus has arrived before time it might reach destination before time and that’s why I had a sign of relief that atleast we’ll reach before time. But as I stepped inside; Trash was everywhere. Seriously, I’ve seen cleaner dumpsters. And guess what? I’d booked what was supposed to be the cream of the crop – sleeper seats. Only, when I got there, an extra driver was sprawled across my seat. Not cool! I woke him up, and asked him for a fresh set of blanket to drown out my misery. But he refused, saying there were no extras. It was a freezing trip, and I were clearly on our own.

Now, here’s the kicker. Gujarat Travels markets itself as a luxury bus service. Luxury? More like rusty and dusty. Their website brags about quarterly driver training programs to ensure quality service. Well, let’s just say our driver didn’t get the memo on customer service. He barely knew how to talk to passengers, let alone provide any form of service. The whole “luxury” idea was more like a mirage in a desert of disappointment.

Remember how I said we were supposed to arrive ahead of schedule? Yeah, that didn’t happen. We rolled into Pune a whopping three hours late. No dinner stop either, so we arrived famished and grumpy. The journey had drained our energy, and the delay had us questioning our life choices.

My Opinion over Gujarat Travels

So, folks, I wouldn’t wish this experience on my worst enemy. If Gujarat Travels is your last resort, maybe consider staying put. Do your research, read reviews, and choose wisely. And for good measure, pack an extra blanket and some snacks – because you never know what kind of adventure awaits on that “luxury” bus.

As travelers, we often seek out adventure and the thrill of the unknown. But let my experience be a reminder that not all adventures are created equal. Sometimes, the best adventures are the ones where you arrive safely and comfortably at your destination, ready to explore the world without the baggage of disappointment.

So, stay safe on the road, and here’s to smoother travels! 🚌✨

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