How To Save Money On Vacation?

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The point of vacations is to have fun. We put money aside and look forward to our long-awaited vacation all year. While it may not be a problem for everyone to spend more money while on vacation, for the vast majority of families, cutting costs is essential. Even so, people frequently lack the knowledge necessary to save money, despite their desire to do so. This means that the majority of families already assume that taking a vacation will cost a lot of money.

To have the stress-free Outer Banks vacation you deserve, however, some advance planning will enable you to save money while on your trip. Here are some frugal advice that could enable you to save cash while still having time for rest, enjoyment of novel experiences, family time, and stress relief.

Be flexible with your travel dates

This could save you a load of money! Vacation during the off-season (non-peak season) if at all possible. Even though most people yearn for a beach vacation in the summer, the Outer Banks’ off-season is one of our best-kept secrets. You’ll not only spend less money on a rental, but you’ll also avoid the lines and have more time to take in the local sights. Seaside Vacations has exclusive offers and hot deals on vacation homes, so no matter what time of year you want to hit the beach, you might be able to get an awesome home for less money!

To save money, stay at rental home rather than a hotel

During the summer, a hotel room with an ocean view can cost up to $299 per night. What does a vacation rental home on the Outer Banks with ocean views typically cost per night, per person? From only $45 per night! A private gourmet kitchen, large multi-level decks, private pools, hot tubs, and other amenities come with having your own private space, but a hotel room cannot. Additionally, many Seaside Vacations rental homes provide Any Day Stays, so you are not required to reserve a full week if you only want to stay a few days, just like you would in a hotel.

Make a list of your spending

Of course, where you are going should come first in your planning. How long will it take you to get there and how will you get there? Do you and another family split the cost? Does your vacation rental on the Outer Banks include towels, linens, and other standard amenities? How much can you fit inside your car? Which supermarkets are there where you’re going? Make a list of every expense you anticipate incurring before creating a budget.

To save money travel via train 

This advice isn’t for people who are unfamiliar with Indian railways or who cringe at the sight of an ordinary Indian city railway station. For the rest of us, it’s business as usual because Indian trains are both reasonably comfortable and reasonably priced. Two additional advantages are the view and the unrivaled local interaction. You get two advantages from taking the night train: you spend less on a hotel room and you have more time to explore. But here’s a pro tip: avoid dealing with sketchy vendors of snacks and beverages!

Save money on meals

While on vacation, it may be tempting to overlook the price of food. After all, you would still have to pay for food at home. However, if you don’t prepare in advance, you might find that your vacation meals cost much more than they would at home. Once you get there, go stock up on groceries for your vacation rental home’s kitchen. Make a menu for your vacation.

Consider how many meals you’ll have, and decide how often you’ll eat out versus how many you’ll have at home. Make sure to plan for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, and snacks. Planning a “clean out the fridge” night to help dispose of food is a good idea.

Additionally, eating breakfast and dinner at home is preferable because many restaurants offer the same dinner menu at lunchtime for a lower price. A grill is a common feature of our Outer Banks vacation rentals, making it easier to prepare meals at home. Splitting the menu planning with other families on your trip will allow you to save money and give you a night off when it is their turn to cook.

Plan some rest period

It’s not necessary to spend every day of your trip touring the nearby Outer Banks attractions. Why not spend your time lounging on the sand and taking a refreshing dip in the cool Atlantic since the Outer Banks are renowned for their stunning, unspoiled beaches?

It costs nothing to spend the day by the water! You can also benefit from the numerous amenities that the majority of our vacation rentals provide. Another great way to cut costs on your Outer Banks vacation is to spend time with your family in your vacation rental home, which often has recreation areas with pool tables, private pools, and hot tubs.

Available apps

Take advantage of mobile apps while traveling. You can use GasBuddy to find the least expensive gas in your area, and ATMHunter lets you avoid withdrawal fees. If you stop somewhere along the way, you might be able to find coupons online or through a restaurant’s app.


Don’t let the stress of money deprive you of the enjoyment of your Outer Banks trip, whether you go over budget or stay within it. Additionally, to feel like you are back on track, simply schedule one night at home with family board games, beverages on the deck, or hamburgers cooked on the grill. Additionally, not all nearby attractions require payment, so doing a little research beforehand ensures that you won’t arrive unprepared. Enjoy it and keep in mind to make the best family destination.

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